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Managing a Mixed Development, Fire Safety is always at the back of my mind. But with Ferostick K180 from WestPeace (Installed at the Electrical Risers), I can finally sleep soundly knowing I’m covered with this product in the event of a spark or burst of flames. K180 is state of the art self-activation protection device which is committed to Fire Safety and Prevention. K180 is a revolutionary product in 24/7 Fire Prevention and we can claim it’s a 5 Star Product and every Building Manager needs to seriously evaluate this product for their site. You only have 1 chance no 2nd chances!

Alex MathewsBuilding Manager, GEO Bukit Rimau

As the Chairman of Management Corporation of Geo Bukit Rimau, I am pleased to offer my unbiased testimony regarding our decision to install FeroSticker K180 in our building back in 2022. From our committee’s understanding, it is a simple fire suppression system that can automatically extinguish the fire source before it creates more damage to the building.
Under this premise, our thoughts were about avoiding human casualties, preventing financial losses and protecting our common properties hence giving us a peace of mind. Furthermore, it is maintenance-free and its extinguishing agent will not corrode the items on fire when it is used.
With our committees’ proactive measures and due diligence to protect our building, we were able to negotiate with our insurance underwriter not to increase on the insurance premium rate..
The icing on the cake at year end was when Geo Bukit Rimau was voted for having The Best MC for the constituency of Shah Alam, beating 70 over buildings under “High Cost Category”!
Conclusion: It is a no-brainer to spend a small sum with a host of values for protection.

“The preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today”.

AndyChairman of GEO Bukit Rimau Management Corporation