FS0050 Ferosol Nano Particles Fire Extinguisher

Ferosol Series is more effectively and efficiently. Low weight and low required space as well as easy installation enable the customer high flexibility and perfect integration by using different application fields to suppress the fire.


FS0050 ferosol nano particles fire extinguishing device, which is the first of its kind in china, represents a state- of-the-art efficient green fire extinguisher product in the world. Featuring small size, simple operation and no need for pressurized container, FS0050 fixed fire extinguisher requires no pipe network installation and maintenance. It consists of new extinguishing compound which is efficient in the fire extinguishment, non-toxic, safe, reliable, environment friendly and pollution free. As the ideal substitute for Halon fire extinguishers, FS0050 fixed fire extinguisher is mainly applied to extinguishers, FS0050 fixed fire extinguisher is mainly applied to extinguish fire in such sectors as communications, post and telecommunications, metallurgy, power and finance field.


FS0050 is suitable for extinguishing fire in following small volumetric enclosures:

  1. All kinds of electrical cabinet such as wind turbine generator control cabinet, railway signal cabinet, CNC machines etc.
  2. Vending machines, ATM cabinets, and all small enclosed rooms.

Please strictly follow below steps when using FS0050:

  1. Calculate the quantity of FS0050 fixed fire extinguishers to be serially connected according to the volume of protected enclosure.
  2. Embed and reliably fix the activation box into serially-connected fire extinguisher using 2-M4 screws
  3. Connect the connection terminals of JR10 or JR11 control box with corresponding ports of connection terminals of neighboring fire extinguisher using wires.