Fero Sticker K180

Fire Suppression System (Self Activation Fire Extinguishing Technology)


FeroSticker K180 Self Activation Fire Extinguishing Technology System has compact size and light weight, which can meet the needs of installation and fire extinguishing in small spaces. It is easy to install which can just fixed it by sticking.

It is activated by a lanear heat cable. When the space temperature reaches 170℃±10℃ or encounters an open flame, the device will activate. The extinguishing agent will quickly flood the protected space to suppress the fire.

Free Installation : Paste the Sticker inside the cabinet.

Zero Maintenance :Do not need to check the sticker every year, 10 years guarantee.

Zero External Supply : Self-induction, do not need extra sensor and power supply.

Non-Storage Pressure :Very safe to use.

 Extinguishing method Total Flooding or Orientating
 Discharge time  ≤ 5 seconds
 Agent Mass   5 g
 Dimension   121mm x 17mm x 10mm
 Net Weight   22g
 Working Temperature  -30 to 70℃
 Fire extinguishing capacity  0.1m3

Switch Cabinet

Fire protection for small fire-prone spaces such as meter boxes, small power distribution cabinets, switch cabinets, and control cabinets.

Demonstration 01 


Demonstration 02