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Ferosticker K180

FeroSticker K180 Self Activation Fire Extinguishing Technology System has compact size and light weight, which can meet the needs of installation and fire extinguishing in small spaces. It is easy to install which can just fixed it by sticking.

Product Enquiry

Product Specifications

  • Discharge time : ≤5s
  • Agent mass : 5g
  • Net Weight : 22g
  • Fire extinguishing capacity : ≤ 0.1m3
  • Activation temperature : 170℃ ± 10℃
  • Service life : 6 years
  • Applicable ambient temperature : -30~70℃
  • Dimension : 121mm × 17mm × 10mm

Key Features

Flooding Concept

Extinguish fires in  confine areas.


 Activation at 170℃ ± 10℃


Maintenance free
During its 5 year life span.

Non Toxic

100% non toxic & environmentally friendly.


With its small size you can place the unit anywhere


No complex system.
No wiring. No batteries.
No pressure.


Electrical Distribution Boxes
Switch Cabinets
Control Cabinets
Data Center
Server Cabinet

Where Our Products is Needed 24/7

Schools & University Building
Condos / Apartments

Endorsement of Product Practical Performance and Efficacy

SIRIM Performance Test
(Report No. : 2022FE0347)
BOMBA Consent Letter
(References No.: JBPM/IP/RNP: 700-7/6 Jld.9)
Energy Commission Endorsement Letter
(References No.: ST (IP/JKE) PE/01/01/10(17)

Why Fire Safety is important

1. Prevent loss of lives and severe injuries caused by burns.
2. Saving costs and prevent losses:
  • To restore damaged building 
  • To replace fixtures and fittings
3. Prevent costly disruption of business operations.

Causes of Electrical Fire in EDB

  • Old, damage or corrosion wires
  • Faulty installation of wires
  • Overheat wires
  • Bad components


(SIRIM Performance Test)