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Company History

Established in 2016, Westpeace Horizons is the exclusive distributor for cutting-edge Self Activation Fire Extinguishing Technology in Malaysia, Singapore, and Brunei. Specializing in Ferosticker K180 and Fire Suppressor QR09, the company is a trusted leader in fire safety, dedicated to safeguarding communities and industries across the region.

Pioneering Fire Safety Solutions

Westpeace Horizons specializes in importing and distributing advanced self-sensing and self-activation fire suppressor devices meticulously designed for industrial, commercial, and residential sectors. With an unwavering commitment to safety and innovation, Westpeace Horizons stands as a reliable and forward-thinking partner, dedicated to providing cutting-edge solutions that ensure the highest level of protection for a wide range of applications.

Our Mission

To prevent loss of lives, assets and consequential losses in the event of a fire breakout. Ferosticker K180 is currently the best passive solution and safest product currently in the market today that fulfils an urgent need for a “first line of defence” suppression system in the event of a fire outbreak in the Electrical Distribution Box (EDB).

Endorsement of Product Practical Performance and Efficacy

SIRIM Performance Test
(Report No. : 2022FE0347)
BOMBA Consent Letter
(References No.: JBPM/IP/RNP: 700-7/6 Jld.9)
Energy Commission Endorsement Letter
(References No.: ST (IP/JKE) PE/01/01/10(17)