Sticker Fire Extinguishing System


Self-induction Fire Extinguishing system is a self contained temperature sensing, extinguishing all in one sticker fire extinguishing system. It  subverts the traditional concept of fire fighting, especially for the early fire, to achieve rapid response and accurate fire extinguishing.

In the event of the fire, the system can quickly detect, automatically sensing and start, through the occurrence of chemical reactions to release a large number of non-toxic, harmless norble gas and fire free radicals to extinguish the fire

Free Installation : Paste the Sticker inside the cabinet.

Zero Maintenance :Do not need to check the sticker every year, 10 years guarantee.

Zero External Supply : Self-induction, do not need extra sensor and power supply.

Non-Storage Pressure :Very safe to use.


 Extinguishing method Total Flooding or Orientating
 Response time(s)  3 to 5 seconds
 Effective Protection Distance(mm)   ≤ 300 mm
 Dimension and Form According to design requirement
 Weight (g) According to design requirement
 Service Life  10 Years
 Operating Temperature Range  -50 to 100℃


Switch Cabinet
Fire protection for small-size enclosures, e.g. vending machine, ATM, electric cabinet…

Demonstration on Fire Switch Cabinet 

Demonstration on Car Bonnet 


Demonstration on Car Bonnet